Lottery every three days!


What is the advantage of our lottery?

- Absolutely everyone can win in a promotion that the results are random. All you need is to get at least 1 lottery ticket;

- You get 1 ticket for 1 deposit of 10,000 RUB (4,000 UAH, 135 USD) for participation, but you can increase the number of tickets with each deposit;

- Every 3 days, the lottery results are published on this page, and the winner takes 1000 €.

How to participate?

- "LotoVIP" is a regular event that takes place every 3 days and gives you the opportunity to win 1000 €.

- During the promotion period for every 10,000 RUB (4 000 UAH, 135 USD) of the deposit You will receive 1 lottery ticket. The more tickets you have in our lottery basket, the more chances you will get the prize. The winner is determined at random among the lottery tickets in the basket.

- Lottery results for (25.01 - 27.01) - Winner eugd******[email protected]!


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