1.1. Registration on the site is allowed for the individuals aged 18 and older. According to the laws minor individuals can't take part in gambling games.

1.2. Each player, irrespective of the country of residence, shall follow and rely on the laws relating to gambling games. Responsibility for non-compliance with the laws on gambling games is vested to the full extent in the player and is borne by the player.

1.3. Bonus games have their own rules and bonus policy terms. Before proceeding to the game with bonuses, the player should at first read the terms thereof for avoidance of any possible misunderstandings in the course or upon completion of the game.

1.4. The site administration strongly recommends the player not to disclose the information about the registration data of his/her account. The password and/or login shall not be disclosed to third parties. MY1.VIP also undertakes not to disclose the users accounts data, but doesn't bear responsibility for the cases of hack of the account or in case third parties get access to the account as the result of the player him/herself giving the entry information to such persons.

1.5. An individual may register one profile and one account. Placing bets by using several registered accounts is strictly forbidden. In case of detection of such cases the activity of these profiles/accounts shall be suspended.

1.6. Participation in online games and promotions is absolutely voluntary, coercive actions on the part of third parties shall be punished in accordance with the norms contained in the laws of the country of the player. The MY1.VIP may terminate promotions early, without notifying the players accordingly by personal messages. In somes cases the promotion may be terminated only for those players, whose activity has arisen suspicions of the site administration.

1.7. The site employees, partner programs representatives and near acquaintances of the above-mentioned persons are not allowed to take part in the games and place bets on MY1.VIP. Placing bets by these categories of individuals constitutes the violation of rules and fraudulent act. Upon detection of the account which is registered in the person-participant of a partner program, such account shall be blocked.

1.8. It is not allowed to place bets by using specialized programs which give advantage to the player and violate the fair play principle of the game. Such acts are classified as fraudulent and provide for responsibility of the player. Bets on the MY1.VIP shall be placed only by using the program installed on the site.

1.9. If a player has requested a withdrawal of funds, but the amount of bets made since the last deposit does not exceed twice the amount of this deposit (wager x1), the administration has the right to reject the withdrawal until the player makes the required amount of bets.

2.1. Depending on the games, different bet sizes may be taken into account, allowing the bonus wagering.

2.2. The company undertakes to keep the user's data confidential. Any information received from the user will only be used to carry out the necessary checks.

2.3. Before registration the player needs to read these rules, and is insistently required to visit the page on a regular basis. The rules may be amended without any prior notice. The amendments relating to promotion offers and bonus programs may be sent to e-mail addresses of the players in the form of mailing campaign.

Sincerely, Site Administration. Good luck!