Frequently asked questions

I forgot the password, what should I do?

To reset the password you need to open the authorization form and click «Forgot?» link. Then you need to enter your e-mail address or telephone number and click «Reset» button. After that follow the instruction which will be sent to you e-mail address or telephone.

Should the personality be confirmed by documents?

Certainly not. We respect your privacy and don't require to confirm your personality by documents.

How quickly are the funds credited to the account?

Almost instantly. It depends on the operation speed of the payment provider.

How quickly are the funds withdrawn?

Almost instantly. It depends on the operation speed of the payment provider. We don't process requests for payment manually, it is done automatically.

How do I get a bonus?

You may read the detailed terms of getting bonuses on the «Bonus policy» page.

What is the bonus turnover?

The bonus turnover takes place in the course of the game in the games permitted by the terms of the bonus. Within the framework of turnover your bets are summarized until the value of the sum reaches the necessary figure. Usually this is the bonus amount multiplied by the wager value. For example: if the bonus amount is 100 rubles, and the wager equals to 10, in order to complete the turnover you need to place bets in the amount: 100 rubles × 10 = 1000 rubles.

How do you deposit / withdraw cash?

Occurs on request with the required information and amount, instructions and telegrams can be found on the page "Deposit / Withdraw CASH".

What is the Сredit Line?

About the Сredit Line - would you like to play your favorite slots, but now you cannot make a deposit? Contact your manager in a telegram to discuss the possibility of replenishing your account up to 100,000 USD on credit at 0%. The opportunity to get a loan becomes available after making deposits of 1000 USD or more.

What level of confidentiality do you provide?

At the highest level, only select players have access to the site, with no verification or confirmation, the safety of users is in the first place for us!

How to activate a promo code?

You can activate the promo code on the "Deposit" page. To do this, scroll down the page and enter the received promo code in the input field. You will receive a notification about the successful activation of the promo code.

Are there any personal bonuses?

Yes, of course, we are very attentive to our players and we offer very interesting conditions.

How is a bonus canceled?

After canceling the bonus, all funds earned through it will be debited from your account. Before confirming this action, you will see a corresponding notification. This operation is irreversible and the casino administration is not responsible for their loss.

What are the Cashback rules??

Cashback is a partial compensation of expenses for gaming activity.

Cashback works from Monday (13:00 gmt+2) to Monday (11:00 gmt+2) of the next week. Cashback is credited in the amount of 15% of the amount lost for the period of the promotion. Cashback is credited on Monday at 12:00 gmt+2. The amount from the received Cashback must be wagered with a wager x1.

Conditions for receiving Cashback:

  • - the amount of withdrawals does not exceed the number of deposits for the billing period;
  • - previous bonuses have been won back;
  • - during the billing period, deposits were made and gaming activity took place;
  • - the amount of accumulated cashback is not less than $ 0.5;
  • - the amount of other bonuses issued for the billing period does not exceed the amount of cashback.

The game has hung up, it doesn't start, what should I do?

Try to reload the page. Don't be afraid that the data will be lost. The game will continue from the place it was disconnected. If it doesn't help and the game is hung up again, try to restart the browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer). If this doesn't help too, your browser cache memory may be in need of garbage collection. If nothing of the above-mentioned helps, contact our support service.

Any questions left?

You may always contact the support service by using online chat. We'll consider your question as quickly as possible and we'll try to give the exhaustive reply.